In September, it was hard to imagine what kind of year was ahead of us. 2020 was a year that nobody else had experienced before and so this came with all kinds of learning moments for us students but also for the instructors. It came with many difficulties that made filmmaking seem impossible at times. But, with each other’s support, passion, drive, and friendship, we made it.


Our hearts go out to all those that made this year possible. 

Thank you to Dave Jones, who played a part in every single one of our productions. You not only tirelessly helped us check out every single piece of equipment but you made sure every item came back in the same condition or better, with your extra care and sanitization.


Thank you to all the locations that accommodated our crews this year. Even with times being uncertain you not only welcomed us into your spaces but you made our films become possible. 


Thank you to all our actors and documentary subjects that shaped our films. You gave us your time, commitment and passion and without you, our films wouldn’t have been the same.


And finally, thank you to our dedicated instructors that kept their spirits up when times were low. Philip Letourneau, Ryan Schriml, Duane Martin, Jason Long, Christopher Giardino and Rhett Miller. Thank you for supporting us even if it was in a new way, virtually. 


Despite this not being the way we all imagined our last year, we overcame, adapted and now we have grown in unimaginable ways. Thank you all for supporting us.


-The Class of 2021