Short Films 



Genre: Drama, Romance 

Duration: 5:00

Longline: A teenager struggles to leave his mess of a life, until a girl walks into his life.
Synopsis: We are introduced to John, a teenager who has been living his life in his mom's basement. His life begins to change for the better when a girl moves into the neighbourhood and the two grow interested in each other. John's mother also supports the relationship, but John overhears a conversation between the girl and his mom. John finds out that his mom has set the whole thing up, and he becomes devastated by this fact.

My Brother is Lost in the Woods.png

My Brother is Lost in the Woods 

Genre: Drama, Thriller 

Duration: 7:27 

Logline: When Stephen goes to check on his brother, he finds that not everything is not as it seems.

Synopsis: Stephen, after receiving a phone call from his worried mother, agrees to head up to check on his brother, Ben. After arriving on the farm, Ben questions Stephen’s appearance here, which leads to a tense confrontation between the brothers. After Ben refuses Stephen’s help, claiming that it’s too late the fix what he’s done, Stephen agrees to leave. After informing his mother of his brother's well-being, he breaks down in his car before leaving the property for good.  

Shes Not There.png

She's Not There 

Genre: Drama 

Duration: 6:41

Logline: Tara is a lonely girl, who, all of a sudden, makes a new friend who is perfect in every way but might not be quite what she seems.

Synopsis: Following a lacklustre date with her boyfriend Owen, Tara takes a trip to her favourite place in the world, the record store. While looking for a new record she meets Lauren who seems to share all of her interests. The two girls begin to bond over their love of music while Tara’s relationship troubles begin to escalate. After she and Owen have a fight, Tara and Lauren decide to run away together when Lauren’s secret is revealed.


Herring of a Crimson Scale 

Producer - Sam Braun 
Director - Taylor Nodrick
Director of Photography - Sacha Titmarsh  

Executive Producers - Christoper Giardino, Rhett Miller and Jonathan Joffe

Herring of a Crimson Scale 

Genre: Horror 

Duration: 15:43 

Logline: The stage manager for a local theatre troupe struggles to run the final rehearsal of their stage adaptation of Dracula, while a black-gloved killer picks the cast off one by one.

Synopsis: On the night of a theatre troupe’s final rehearsal for their performance of Dracula, the lead of the show is brutally murdered by an unseen, black-gloved killer. However, the killer is interrupted by the arrival of Jenn, the show’s stage manager, forcing the killer to haphazardly dispose of the evidence. Following Jenn, the rest of the cast and crew arrive minus the suspiciously absent director. With the star and director missing and a killer on the loose, Jenn and the rest of the crew will have to survive the night and discover who the murderer is in Herring of a Crimson Scale.

Odd Job.png

Odd Job

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Comedy

Duration: 23:00

Logline: When a burglary goes wrong, Scott finds himself tangled in a web of top-secret government weaponry, a trio of G-Men hunting him down, and worst of all... his ex-girlfriend.

Synopsis: Scott is a down-on-his-luck petty criminal who still isn't over his recent breakup with his ex-girlfriend Maddie. When a strange man named Malcolm offers him a simple burglary job to steal a stuffed dog from a household, he accepts without question. The only problem? The "dog" is a top-secret government weapon with strange abilities. Three government agents are dispatched to hunt him down by any means necessary, while Scott rushes to Maddie for help. Scott finds himself caught in a battle he never intended to fight all while trying to repair his relationship with Maddie.