Our Graduates 


Anthony Coo

My name is Anthony Coo. I was born and raised right here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. What inspired me to choose film as the course is the passion I have for how films are made in a creative sense, as well as some of my favourite movie moments come from behind the scenes and bloopers. I love the thoughts and motivations that everyone puts into a film. I got so many different ideas of films and shows I would love to make, but I can’t decide which one to start with. I feel like I would best fit the Art Department, because I genuinely like creating props and setting up, well, the set for films. It’s a creative aspect and I feel like I am helping out!

Andrew Golab 

Howdy, I’m Andrew Golab and I’m from St. Albert Alberta Canada. I love lots of movies, but my favorite is AKIRA just every single thing about that movie is fantastic. My all-time favorite director has to be Edgar Wright the way he writes and directs is just so much fun and I’m never bored while watching his movies, he’s also the reason I wanted to go to film school in the first place. I wanted to make fun movies which people could watch and have a good time while doing it.


Andrew Laigo 

Andrew Laigo is a born and raised Calgarian and graduated from Westmount Charter School. Favourite movies include: High School Musical 2, Pacific Rim, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. Andrew was always enamoured with movies growing up and fell in love with the process of making a movie and the comradery of making something with a team. He’s really looking forward to making his mark in the film community post-graduation.

Aaron Olsen 

Hello my name is Aaron and movies are rad. A couple of my personal favorites as of now are Mandy and Blade Runner 2049. When I watched Jurassic Park at a younger age, it gave me an interest in filmmaking. I enjoy making my own short films on my YouTube channel and watching movies with others.


Dakona Rabbit 

Hey, I'm Dakona Rabbit I am from Stoney Nakoda. Which is located just west of Calgary. My favourite directors are Edgar Wright, Denis Villeneuve, Christopher Nolan to name a few. What I would like to do after school is pursue a career in cinematography. I started out as a photographer before joining film school. Throughout the duration of school, I took a huge interest in cinematography. It has been a great learning experience so far. I look forward to what’s to come in the near future.

Fares Elati 

Since childhood, he was captivated by both American and Egyptian films and this unique cultural fusion developed into a strong passion for global cinema. Acting and directing have long been his childhood dreams and this passion has only deepened with time. Fares has just accomplished his goal of graduating from film school to make his family proud as well as refine his skills in film and surround himself with a like-minded community passionate about the world of filmmaking. Following his graduation, Fares is planning on moving back to Egypt to launch his first film production and distribution company. 


Gavin George 

Gavin George is an aspiring film editor and colorist. His favourite film is Redline (2009), and his favourite director is David Lynch. Gavin was inspired to dive into film school after dipping his toes into the arts through theatre. The unique experiences of working in a theatre booth led to Gavin developing an interest in behind-the-scenes work, which would later balloon into a love for editing and visual storytelling."

Hannah Valencia 

My name is Hannah Valencia and I am a part of the upcoming graduating SAIT film class. I have always had a passion for films and I was always interested in how the process of making films was done. When I applied for SAIT I did not have a clear idea of what I wanted to do in the industry but this program has helped me find what I'm passionate about like the camera and screenwriting. I love all genres of movies but the one I watch the most is romance one of my favourite movies of all time is 'Ever After. However I also love watching movies from the 40s and 50s like Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon, and Notorious. At the moment I don't have any plans after I graduate but I hope to be working in the camera department


Hasan Abdulla 

My name is Hasan, and I’m a 20-year-old film director. When I was a kid I loved mimicking my father, and since he always used to be the one taking photos in family events I started “borrowing” his camera. When I was 7 I owned my first disposable film camera, and since then I’ve been passionate about photography and imaging devices. As I grew up I started becoming curious about video and started experimenting and making things that I realized later that they’re short films. Since then I’ve been a part of many film projects and l have had some of my own. I’ve directed more than 10 shorts, 4 Docs, 19 live shows, a music video, and a few commercials. And here I am after all these years, still learning and trying to figure out myself and to tell my story. In my journey of filmmaking, I was blessed with many great friends, and I always had a very supportive family, and without them, I won’t be the person that I am today.

Julianna Withey

My name is Julianna and I’ve loved film and tv since I was a little kid! I enjoy a variety of different genres and styles of film but I have a soft spot for comfort movies (namely Shrek 2 and High School Musical which are popular choices amongst our class ;)).I decided to got to film school because I wanted to be a part of the exciting new direction that I saw film and tv headed in. I’m interested in doing a few different positions after school, but I’m primarily interested in working in the AD and Art departments, along with maybe taking a stab at directing one day!


My name is Kate Breedon and I'm transitioning careers from being an EMS 911 dispatcher to making movies! I have a particular interest in documentaries because I love finding fascinating stories in the real world around us. My boss convinced me to join film school after many conversations reminiscing about my tech theatre days in high school. After graduation, I'm hoping to eventually become a Production Coordinator and see where that road leads me next!

Kate Breedon 

Kiera Roxburgh 

I’ve always liked the freedom of being an artist, and the accomplishments that come with it. Being an artist has always been my career goal.


Krystin Prueller

Hi I’m Krystin Prueller. I grew up in Hamburg, Germany and moved to Canada about 3 years ago. I currently work in the Alberta Film Industry primarily as 1st or 2nd AC and aspire to be a Director of Photography one day. Besides that, I love to have a camera in my hand, my inspiration to go to film school was always to change the narrative in a primarily male dominated industry. A lot of people have helped me along the way and I’m incredible lucky to work with extremely talented women in the industry, among others Alexis Moar and Paola Contrerar, who mentored and inspired me to get into the camera department. I’m hoping to continue working with my amazing friends I made at SAIT after graduation.

Mide Kadiri 

I’m Mide Kadiri and film has been something that has always interested me since I was a child. Just the way it appeared to me seemed so real and fascinating but also various elements of film broke the boundaries of reality which I thought was an attractive spectacle. I enjoy classic Disney movies from the 1990s towards 2005, the hand-drawn elements are gorgeous. I fell in love with classics like The Lion King ,Tarzan, Mulan and aladdin etc. I wanted to go to film school because I thought freedom of being an artist involved in filmmaking would be rewarding. After school I personally gravitate towards working in the art department or anything that will get me started in industry. I myself want to focus on directing and writing productions and eventually I want to work in animation as a long-term career. Working on video games would also be an amazing experience.


I am interested in telling compelling stories that will satisfy me. Those stories haven't come to me yet, but I hope they eventually come because my future depends on it. My favorite movie is Memories of Murder. I relate to the incompetence of the main characters really well.

Mustahseem Chowdry


Oly Olsen 

I'm Gunnar (Oly) Olsen, I'm a hockey player, streamer, and filmmaker, and I spend most of my time creating content. My favorite movie is Inglorious Basterds, no favorite director, favorite software is Premiere. I was inspired to go to film school because of a class I took in high school learning to do VFX. After school, I hope to go into editing, voice acting, and VFX


Roe Schuler 

Hi, I'm Roe Schuler. I've always really liked movies since I was very young, being easily fascinated by the fantiscial stories I would be seeing on screen. I would always be so excited when my family went to the theatre to see a new movie. I would say my favourite movie would have to be either Phantom of the Paradise or Suspiria (2018). Throughout this program, I found a few things I did like and if I do work in the industry I would most likely be a director, writer or casting manager. 

Rozcoe Pantino 

My Name is Rozcoe Pantino.My favorite film is Jurassic Park because I think Dinosaurs are cool.My favorite director is Steven Spielberg because he directed Jurassic Park.My favorite cinematographer is Roger Deakins and although he did not work on Jurassic Park, he is still my favorite cinematographer.Watching films and being part of theatre productions inspired me to join the Film and Video Production program in SAIT.I am interested in climbing the ranks of the camera department and become a Director of Photography and write and direct my own films/music videos.


Sam Braun 

Hello, my name is Sam Braun and I’m a proud member of the SAIT Film and Video Production course.  I’ve always gravitated towards more practical, rather than artistic, pursuits and, ironically, this was a big factor in coming into this program. Being able to combine my steady, calm and organized personality with a chaotic and exciting art form that I’ve always enjoyed has been incredibly rewarding and has manifested in taking the role of Producer on the majority of our final projects this semester. I hope to continue this mindset in my endeavours post-graduation and invest in myself by starting my own Film and Video Production Company and use it to develop my own projects and use my own skills to give my friends and colleagues from this program a place to fulfill their vision’s as well. 

Sacha Titmarsh 

I'm Sacha, a 27-year-old lad with the ever-decaying body of a 77-year-old. My favorite film is the Shape of Water, and its director Guillermo Del Toro inspired me to make movies. I love when films are able to tell stories with colour, and that's exactly what I try to do with my own filmmaking. I currently work in industry primarily as a gaffer, with my end goal to be a director of photography. After graduating I look forward to continuing to work with many of the lifelong friends I've made here at SAIT.


Sam Roberts 

Hey, I'm Sam Roberts, age 22, I was born and raised in Calgary. My favourite movie: Mulholland Drive, watching it for the first time when I was 14 made me realize that filmmaking could be accessible while still artistically challenging and started me on this journey into SAIT! My favourite director: David Lynch. I'd love to direct some short films and commercials after graduation, as well as getting some entry-level work on union sets. Currently working on a feature-length fantasy horror script adapting the Greek myth of Cronus. 

Sean Sayers 

Sean Sayers grew up in Cold Lake, Alberta, where he fronted the band Angels to Ashes for many years. He began acting in 2019, at which time he instantly fell in love with film production. Sean passed away suddenly before the end of the semester. Sean had a passion for music, film and the arts but reserved his biggest passion for his beautiful daughters. Loved and respected by his fellow students, friends and instructors, he will always be in our hearts.


Taylor Nodrick 

Film has been my passion for as long as I remember. From a young age, it was always the industry I wanted to be in. I think the movie that did it to me was Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2. I saw it when I was way too young, but I became obsessed. For the longest time, I thought I wanted to be in special effects making rubber monsters and doing gore effects and while that still holds a lot of appeal to me, I’ve found as I grow older that I am far more interested in writing and directing. During my time at SAIT, I feel like I’ve grown a lot as both a writer and director and with the completion of my final film at SAIT, I am very much looking forward to entering the world of indie filmmaking. 

Waqas Ali

Hi, my name is Waqas Ali. I migrated to Canada 17 years ago at the age of 18. I'm currently a full time Film & Video Production student at SAIT. I also own and operate a business named: Happy Bays Car Wash & Detail Center, here in Calgary, AB. I mostly enjoy watching films that are close to real life stories. They mesmerize me more than fantasies, especially stories about people, their struggles and perseverance. One of my all-time favorite films is “The Shawshank Redemption”. I’ve held many blue color jobs over the years of living in Canada, from cutting meat as butcher to a pizza delivery driver. I believe going through many different realms of life made me a better storyteller, but it is one thing to know a story, telling that story to others requires skills, which is why I chose to graduate from film school. I never had a chance early in life to follow through with my passion. Moving to Canada from a totally different culture and then stabilizing took almost two decades but now I feel like it is time to clear some dust off my forgotten dreams.


Yusuf Rach 

Yo, I’m Yusuf Rachman Pratama or just Yusuf Rach. I’m from Indonesia, I speak 4 languages Indonesian, English, German, and Japanese. weathering with you and your name are my favorite movies directed by Makoto Shinkai. Besides that, a composer from Japan named Sawano Hiroyuki has always been my inspiration to make movie. I went to film school because I wanted to get to know people in the film industry outside Indonesia. After graduating from this film school I want to have a freelance career in the film industry and also build a production house that can connect the Canadian and Indonesian film industries.