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Genre: Music Video 

Duration: 5:45

Logline: A love story, tinged with tragedy and despair. 

Synopsis: Amanda and Josh are lovers in a seemingly happy relationship. However, things go wrong when Amanda begins using drugs and alcohol as vices to cope with her rough childhood. Through her substance abuse, she accidentally overdoses and becomes a ghost, forced to watch as Josh grieves for her and to be tortured by the demons of her past. As Josh begins to spiral, Amanda needs him to know she still loves and him and writes a message on his mirror. 

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Untitled 1

Genre: Music Video 

Duration: 3:20

Logline: Leo, meets a woman, Sarah, and goes on dreamlike dates with her as if they live in their own world.

Synopsis: Leo meets a woman named Sarah and they go around the city in seemingly fun and joyful dates. The two live in their own dreamlike world. Leo soon finds out everything he did with Sarah was not what he wished it was.