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Jubilee Moquin

I’m Jubilee, a Queer writer/director and costume artist.  I am passionate about exploring the beauty and complexity of the human condition through my art and enjoy elevating a project’s world-building through creative character design. 


The Birdcage BTS - Co-Producer, Director/Interviewer, Picture Editor

Death Disco - Costume Designer

Birdcage - Costume Designer, Hair Stylist

Rat - Costume Designer, Prop Master, Makeup Artist

Toddler - Writer/Director, Assistant Editor

Growth of Passion - 1st AD

Juncture - Producer/Locations

Come With Me - Production Designer

The Interociter - Cinematographer/Camera Op, Make-Up Artist

Do You Believe in Fairies? - Writer

The Meeting - Producer

The Chase - Costume Designer, Sound Mixer

The Search - Writer/Director, Costume Designer


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