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When a stranger is stood up for a blind date, Mikaela makes the poorly thought out decision to impersonate the person he’s waiting for as an excuse to meet him. 
However, when a promising relationship ensues she must then take increasingly drastic measures to maintain her lie.


• Giselle Morison as Mikayla

• Gabriel Mendez as Rick

• Marisa Roggeveen as Diane

• Megan Reneau as Lydia

• Brittany Leung as  Beth

• Natasha Hurlburt as Hildgard

• Isiah Williams as Tyler

• William Fitkin as Judgemental Waiter

• Laurie Wispinski: Bystander

• Jo-Anne Riva-Cambrin: Mikayla’s Mom

• Richard Know: Mikayla’s Dad

• Freddy Mendez: Rick’s Dad

• Ana Betancourt: Rick’s Mom

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