Iyarhe Nakoda 

Genre: Documentary 

Duration: 12:39

Longline: a deep dive into government suppression toward Indigenous people, and the history of the situation.

Synopsis: We follow the story of a local Indigenous woman in the town of Morley. She explains her history with government suppression and residential schools, and how it is still an issue today.

Stork Pin.png

The Stork Pin 

Genre: Documentary 

Duration: 14:27

Logline: Follow 3 incredible journeys through the trials and tribulations of childbirth, from the perspective of a 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Officer. Through compelling interviews of true stories with real officers, discover what it takes to earn a stork pin and experience the miracle of life!

Synopsis: Every year in Canada anywhere between 6500 to 8000 births take place outside of hospitals (Statistics Canada, 2021), some planned; others, not so much. When desperate times call for desperate measures, 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Officers are trained to help with the complexities of childbirth and the delivery of babies. Whenever this rare event occurs in emergency medical dispatch, the Officer is awarded with a stork pin to commemorate the best part of the job, the miracle of childbirth!


Producer - Roe Schuler 
Director - Sacha Titmarsh 
DOP - Krystin Prueller 

Executive Producers - Christopher Giardino, Rhett Miller and Jonathan Joffee


Genre: Documentary 

Duration: 5:00

Logline: Competitive Latin dance is a cutthroat field. What is it like dealing with the pressure of competition while struggling to hold onto your love for the art of dance, and what do you do after giving in to the pressure, leaving it all behind?

Synopsis: Calgary is a city full of the arts, a place full of activities and communities to express themselves. One such art is Latin dance, a type of dance with a large competitive scene nationwide. We talk to Lindsey, a former competitive Latin dancer who after so much blood, sweat, and tears spilled to the dedication of her love of dance, left the art behind after succumbing to the pressures of the competitive scene. We will touch on how Linsdey was able to pull herself out from her slump and dove into burlesque, something that gave her that self-expression back.

We explore what it’s like being in such an intensely competitive environment and how that affects someone balancing their love for the art, and their pursuit of victory, and when one overshadows the other. We find out what it’s like to give up something you love after the pressure becomes too much to deal with, and how to move on afterwards.