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Group C production

This Strange Phantasmagoria

Written and Directed by

Brendan Toews

Produced by

Ashley Waugh



Dani, a grieving horror fanatic, receives a 35mm print of an obscure 80s slasher film, Red 
Slash, which she and her deceased mother had a strong bond over.

That night, Dani plans to 
screen the film at a local theatre for her friends in honor of her mother. Terror ensues when the 
villain of the slasher film, The Night Slasher, is brought out of Red Slash and into reality –
promptly turning the theatre into a slaughterhouse


Riuh Maria - Dani

Nicci Rvachew - Leanne

Dan Black - The Night Slasher

Alex Karwacki - Terry

Giana Chaalan - Jamie

Ashli Le Blanc - Sam

Sean Paul Grande - Frank

Victoria Lukowski - Young Girl

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