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Brock Calliou is a passionate and creative indie filmmaker with a boundless love for storytelling and visual arts. Brock's filmmaking style is distinct, blending elements of realism and poetic expressionism to evoke emotions and provoke thought in his audiences. He seeks to create stories that resonate deeply, touching on the complexities of human emotions, social issues, and the wonders of life. Whether it's a thought-provoking short film, a heartfelt documentary, or a daring experimental piece, Brock pours his heart and soul into every project, striving to leave a lasting impact on those who experience his work.


Mimic – Director of Photography, Editor

Clean Cutz – Writer, Director

No More – Director of Photography, Colourist

My Rachel – Writer, Director, Co-Editor

You’re Not So Average Joe – Lamp Op, Music Supervisor

Vampire’s Touch – Co-Director of Photography, Production Designer

Ouu La La – Director of Photography


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