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Vampires Touch

A young woman, Helen, lives life clouded by a mysterious darkness. She suffers a miscarriage and carries trauma throughout her life, a burden shared by her husband, Lawrence. Together, they aim to create a safe family and are in the adoption process to welcome a child into their life, but Helen's depression and self-doubt persist. She has consistent nightmares with a reoccuring figure of evil. This ambiguous figure looms over her life and invades the couples privacy. He's hungry, and he's obsessed. This drama follows Helen's battle to overcome evil and protect her child and womanhood. 

Producer - Vedant Bhagat & Brad Scott

Director - Rylan Walker 

1st AD - Sam Akbari

2nd AD/Casting - Vedant Bhagat

Locations Manager - Jackson Melkie

Script Supervisor - Dominic Caston

Production Designer - Austin Snider and Brock Calliou

Art Director - Austin Snider

Cinematographer - Brad Scott, Brock Calliou

"A" Camera Operator - Tommy Nguyen

"A" 1st AC - Jordan-Lee Alleyne

"A" and "B" 2nd AC - Julian Smith-Jones

"B" Camera Operator - Michael Bagnato 

"B" 1st AC - Victor Ojo

Gaffer - Gabriell Thomaselli Fuck
Lamp Operator - Steven M. Irawan 

Key Grip - Max Loto

Swing Grip - Sebastian Szeles

Sound Mixer - Milo Wolfe

Boom Operator - Reed Durrell

DIT - Max Loto

Picture Editor - Gabriell Thomaselli Fuck, Max Loto, Victor Ojo, Brad Scott

Assistant Editor - Victor Ojo

Colourist - Sam Akbari

Re-Recording Mixer - Milo Wolfe

Sound Editor - Milo Wolfe

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