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Adam Mahgoub

Hi I’m Adam. I’m still not entirely sure  what I want to specialise in yet. 

 At SAIT I’ve been doing lots of camera roles, colouring, and I’ve recently gotten into art department.

I’ve also written, directed, and edited my own short films before coming to SAIT, mostly with my friends, for school, and with the Autism Asperger Friendship Society of Calgary.

I’m a stickler for film pacing.


Bird Cage - B-cam Operator, A-Cam 2nd AC

Birdcage BTS - co-DOP, Camera Operator, Colourist 

Toddlers - Assistant Camera, Colourist 

RAT - Co-DoP, Camera Operator

Juncture - Key Grip

Chrysalis – Boom Operator 

Death Disco - Art Director

Mistaken – Editor

Salty Shenanigans – DOP, Camera Operator.

Sock it to Ya – DOP, Camera Operator

A Penny’s Fortune - Director  


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