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A mentally ill woman named Anne lives alone in her apartment. One night, she hears a scream from outside of her apartment, to discover a dead body laying by a garbage bin, and standing over the body is her doppelganger. She phones the police, but hangs up after they ask her for a description of the attacker. She phones her mother, hysterical. She hears the door unlock, and finds her doppelganger standing in her kitchen, and must face herself.

Producer/Script Supervisor: Michael Bagnato
Director: Hunter Woodward
1st AD - Milo Wolfe

Production Designer - Niall Watson
Art Director - Jordan-Lee Alleyne
Cinematographer - Brock Calliou
Camera Operator - Dominic Caston
1st Assistant Camera -  Tommy Nguyen
2nd Assistant Camera -  Julian Smith-Jones
Gaffer -  Brad Scott
Lamp Operator - Connor Attridge
Key Grip - Victor Ojo
Grip - Austin Snider
Sound Mixer - Steven Matthew Irawan
Boom Operator - Vedant Bhagat

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