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Victor Ojo is a skilled video editor, capable of fashioning stories from even the most mundane topics. His proclivity for experimenting with new techniques has helped him achieve a distinct style in his edit. He has a passion for self-improvement and strives to better himself every day. He also enjoys serving others and helping them find a passion for self-improvement. Victor has also worked with creative agencies like Studio Luma and PHAMWOAW. When he’s not working, Victor enjoys working out, playing video games, and drumming.  He does not like coffee.


Mimic - Key Grip
Clean Cutz - Producer, Locations Manager, Editor, Assistant Editor, Colourist
No More - Gaffer
My Rachel - Cinematographer
Your Not So Average, Joe - Locations Manager, Gaffer, Colourist
Vampires Touch - 1st Assistant Camera, Editor, Assistant Editor
Ouu La La - Producer, Director, Locations Manager 

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