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Julian never really had much interest in traditional film making, such as enjoying classic films or what was the next big summer blockbuster, instead Julian was interested in skate videos. Julian remembers first watching skate videos when he was a teenager and thought “I wanna film something like that”. The first video that made him interested in the filmmaking aspect of skateboarding was from Volcom. Another subject Julian has an interest in is photography, something he got more into first during covid, as a thing to do to help himself think more creatively, first taking a ton of photos with his phone. Then he purchased his first camera last summer and took many more photos with it, getting more of an understanding of how to frame a shot and how to capture more information in a single photo.

As Julian continued going through the program, he realized that he wanted to pursue photography as a career, and he is hoping he is able to see that come to fruition!


Mimic - Second Assist Camera
Clean Cutz - Boom Operator
No More - Second Assist Camera
You're Not So Average, Joe - Key Grip
Vampires Touch - Second Assist Camera
Oua La La - Second Assistant Camera


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