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I wouldn't consider myself an Avid filmmaker. However, when it comes to editing, I can definitely say that I know what is best to use to Resolve my creative goals.

Grizzly's Fire Axe - Writer, Director, Editor

IUD:IOU - First Assistant Editor

One Last Job - Foley Artist

The Campaign - Best First Electric, Sound Editor

Stages of Recovery - Re-recording Mixer

Proxima Centauri - Art Director, First Assistant Editor

Backroads - Dolly Grip, Editor

Jakob Densky

In America it's all, 'I'm gonna make something of myself, leave my tiny town and go to L.A!' Canadians are like, 'I'm gonna make something of myself, go to L.A., and then come right back again to hang out with my buddies!'
-Evan Goldberg

The Campaign - Writer, Director

Grizzly's Fire Axe - Art Director

Stages of Recovery - Casting Coordinator 

Proxima Centauri BTS - Director

Backroads - Producer

Proxima Centauri - Casting Coordinator



"I have never let my schooling interfere with

my education."

- Mark Twain

Grizzly's Fire Axe - Second Assistant Camera,

First Assistant Editor

One Last Job - Second Assistant Camera, Editor

The Campaign - Second Assistant Camera,

First Assistant Editor

Making Spaces - Gaffer

Proxima Centauri - Boom Operator

Best Kept Secret - Script Supervisor

Canadian cinema is actually good you should watch some wait no why are you walking away don’t leave me I don’t know anyone else at this party please come back.

The Campaign - Producer, Co-Writer

IUD:IOU - Location Sound Mixer

Backroads - Locations Manager, 2nd A.C

One Last Job - Grip/LX Swing

Stages of Recovery - Best First Electric, Dolly Grip

Proxima Centauri - Story Editor, Dolly Grip


Cindy Minton-Dyke

"Your calling isn't something that somebody can tell you about. It's what you feel. It's a part of your life force. It is the thing that gives you juice. The thing that you are supposed to do. And nobody can tell you what that is. You know it inside yourself."
-Oprah Winfrey

One Last Job - Producer

Proxima Centauri - Producer

The Campaign - Location Sound Mixer

Best Kept Secret - Producer

Stages of Recovery - Locations Production Assistant 

Having two editors is more efficient, we swear!

The Campaign - Director of Photography, Editor, Colourist

Grizzly's Fire Axe - Location Sound Mixer

One Last Job - Camera Operator, Colourist

Making Spaces - Editor, Colourist, Re-Recording Mixer

Proxima Centauri - Location Sound Mixer

Proxima Centauri BTS - Colourist

Backroads - Colourist

Best Kept Secret - Colourist


Adam Karczmarczyk 

Jack, we need an extension on the edit.

Backroads - Producer,

IUD:IOU - Key Grip, Gaffer

One Last Job - Production Designer, First Assistant Editor

The Campaign - Production Manager,

Camera Operator, Editor

Making Spaces - Director of Photography, Editor, Sound Editor

Proxima Centauri BTS - Director of Photography, Editor, Re-Recording Mixer

I've spent more time stressing out over what to write for this quote than I ever did over a SAIT test, and I think that about sums me up. And no, I can't name a song by The Rolling Stones.



'B Side' Website Admin

Stages of Recovery - Writer, Director

IUD:IOU - Editor, Sound Editor, Re-recording Mixer, Story Editor, Property Master, Production Assistant

Making Spaces - Producer

The Campaign - Casting Coordinator

Backroads - Art Director, Choreographer

Proxima Centauri BTS - Photographer, Sound Assistant

One Last Job - Locations Production Assistant


Devin Wiens


One Last Job - Production Manager

Stages of Recovery - Second Assistant Director

Proxima Centauri - Key Grip

Backroads - Grip

Best Kept Secret - Gaffer

Cage Mathes is a passionate filmmaker whose been at it since grade 5. His passion led him to SAIT FVP, where he eventually directed his own documentary, Making Spaces. He hopes to work in post-production sound, or continue directing his own projects

Making Spaces - Director, Re-Recording Mixer

Grizzly's Fire Axe - First Assistant Camera, Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer

One Last Job - Re-Recording Mixer

Stages of Recovery - Location Sound Mixer, Sound Editor

Proxima Centauri - Production Designer, 2nd Assistant Camera, Re-Recording Mixer

Chris Schofield Headshot-2.jpg

Chris Schofield is a Calgary born filmmaker in pursuit of making his mark on Canada’s film industry. With practical experience in a variety of roles, Chris excels as an efficient First Assistant Director and has a reputation of keeping a positive and hardworking atmosphere on set. His true ambition is succeeding as a Writer and Director of his own projects.

One Last Job - Writer, Director 

Proxima Centauri - First Assistant Director

IUD:IOU - Producer 

Stages of Recovery - First Assistant Director 

Best Kept Secret - Director of Photography 

Backroads - First Assistant Director 

"Here's to the fools who dream."

One Last Job - Producer, Script Supervisor

Stages of Recovery - Locations Manager, Boom Operator

IUD:IOUArt Director, Production Assistant, Story Editor

The Campaign - Script Supervisor

Making Spaces - Key Grip

Proxima Centauri - Production Manager, Script Supervisor

Backroads - Script Supervisor


Tayler Armstead


Stages of Recovery - Production Designer

Grizzly's Fire Axe - Gaffer

One Last Job - Art Director, Dolly Grip

The Campaign - Props Master

Making Spaces - Boom Operator

Proxima Centauri - Script Supervisor

Best Kept Secret - First Assistant Director, Casting Coordinator

The thought of someone reviewing my first feature film on Letterboxd one day gives me crippling anxiety.

Backroads - Director of Photography

IUD:IOU - Boom operator, Production Assistant

One Last Job - Props Master

The Campaign - Story Editor, Grip

Stages of Recovery - Wardrobe, Second Assistant Camera

Proxima Centauri - Dolly Grip

Grizzly's Fire Axe - Foley


Hey, let's reshoot our projects again, but on film!

Grizzly's Fire Axe - Director of Photography

One Last Job - Grip

The Campaign - First Assistant Camera

Stages of Recovery - Camera Operator

Proxima Centauri - Camera Operator

Backroads - First Assistant Camera

Best Kept Secret - First Assistant Camera

Zachary Vollman


Grizzly's Fire Axe - Boom Operator, Colourist

One Last Job - Best First Electric

The Campaign - Production Designer

Stages of Recovery - First Assistant Editor

Proxima Centauri - Locations Manager

Backroads - First Assistant Editor

Best Kept Secret - Editor


Grown Ups 2 is a masterpiece. Stop lying to yourself.

'B Side' Poster Designer

Backroads - Director

IUD:IOU - Producer, Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer

One Last Job - Second Assistant Director

The Campaign - Script Supervisor

Stages of Recovery - Production Manager, Script Supervisor

Making Spaces - Producer

Proxima Centauri BTS - Location Sound Mixer

Jonathan Malloy

Watches movies, makes movies.

Grizzly's Fire Axe - Producer, Script Supervisor

One Last Job - Locations Manager

Best Kept Secret - Director

The Campaign - Boom Operator

Stages of Recovery - Producer

Proxima Centauri BTS - Producer

Proxima Centauri - Editor


Keely Martin is a professional photographer and videographer who loves spending her free time in the Rocky Mountains and the Alberta Badlands. She is thrilled to be a part of the Canadian film community and specifically enjoys working in the Camera and Assistant Director departments. She is known for her work ethic on set and dedication to sharing the creative vision through film.

Stages of Recovery - Director of Photography, Colourist

Backroads - Second Assistant Director

Grizzly's Fire Axe - First Assistant Director

IUD:IOU - Colourist

The Campaign - Second Assistant Director

Proxima Centauri - Second Assistant Director, Publicist

Rafael Yuen

Oh wait! What's that smell? It's freedom. That's why I want to make movies in Canada.

One Last Job - Gaffer

The Campaign - Gaffer

Proxima Centauri - Grip

Backroads - Production Designer


R.J Davis

R.J Davis is interested in all aspects of filmmaking; he enjoys writing and just being creative.  R.J went to film school to work on his writing and has learned a ton.  He also found that gripping really spoke to him because of the creative things you can do behind the scenes; the problem-solving aspect was very satisfying and lots of fun.

Proxima Centauri - Writer, Creative Producer

Stages of Recovery - Key Grip

The Campaign - Re-Recording Mixer

One Last Job - Key Grip, Sound Editor

Backroads - Key Grip

Best Kept Secret - Key Grip

Medina Kalac



IUD:IOU - Director of Photography

Stages of Recovery - Gaffer, Story Editor

Grizzly's Fire Axe - Key Grip

The Campaign - Art Director

Making Spaces - First Assistant Camera

Proxima Centauri - Second Assistant Camera

Backroads - Gaffer, Photographer


Juan Pablo is a filmmaker and professional photographer born and raised in the mountainous city of Monterrey, Mexico. He now pursues his dream of becoming a cinematographer and a director.

Backroads - Director

One Last Job - Director of Photography

Proxima Centauri - First Assistant Camera, Colourist

The Campaign - First Assistant Camera

Social Media Coordinator

“One's going east, the other’s going west. So what?”
- Momma DeVito

IUD:IOU - Director, Host

Proxima Centauri - Director of Photography

Stages of Recovery - Art Director, Editor

The Campaign - First Assistant Director

Backroads - Camera Operator


Kevin Purves

Keep the change ya filthy animals! (It's a Kevin thing, you wouldn't understand).

One Last Job - First Assistant Director, Casting Coordinator

The Campaign - Locations Manager

Stages of Recovery - Grip

Proxima Centauri - Gaffer

Jake Purkiss

"If you don't sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice."

Proxima Centauri - Director

Grizzly's Fire Axe - Grip

IUD:IOU - 1st Assistant Camera

One Last Job - Location Sound Mixer

The Campaign - Key Grip

Stages of Recovery - 2nd Assistant Camera

Making Spaces - Location Sound Mixer


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