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A selection of us have demo reels, websites, and e-mails available for viewing/contacting.
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Braden Arbour

I think I'm done sound editing now... My ears hurt.

A Brief Introduction - Director of Photography

Sleepless – Sound Editor, Story Editor

Breathe – Sound Editor, Gaffer

Beard Wigs – Sound Editor, Gaffer

The Last Lonely Boy – Sound Mixer, Rerecording Mixer

Me & The Machine – Sound Editor

Carti-air – Sound Editor

Human Nature - On Call First Assistant Camera

I sent the most emails… 1589 to be exact.

'A Side' Website Admin

Human Nature – Producer, Production Manager, Casting Coordinator

Breathe – Producer, First Assistant Editor

A Brief Introduction – Producer, First Assistant Editor

Sleepless – Producer, Colourist, VFX

The Last Lonely Boy – Producer

Cold Feet – First Assistant Director

Carti-air – Editor

Hands of Time – Assistant Editor

Beard Wigs – Grip/LX Swing, Boom Operator

Breathe BTS - Talent


Patrick Burns

I didn't read a single one of Jessie's emails.

Human Nature – Gaffer

Carti-air – Key Grip

Breathe – Location Sound Mixer

Sleepless – Location Sound Mixer

Cold Feet – Location Sound Mixer

Garrett Dalheim

My mind's all TANGLED.  It's INSIDE OUT, what's UP is now down, and I don't remember YOUR NAME.  I don't know if I LOST MY BODY, or if my brain's been SPIRITED AWAY.  I'm not very BRAVE and I don't know if I'll just BOLT, or if I'll remain FROZEN where I am.  Some days I feel like a CHICKEN, RUNning around with its head cut off.

Also, I've been told I like animated films too much. 

Cold Feet – Director, Writer, Sound Editor

Carti-air – First Assistant Director, Writer

Breathe – Production Design, Sound Editor

The Last Lonely Boy – Rerecording Mixer

Pumping Iron – Location Sound Mixer

Human Nature – Sound Editor

Breathe BTS – Sound Editor

Sleepless – Sound Editor

Hands of Time – Location Sound Mixer


Keith Fletcher

Known as “Film Dad”, Keith went into SAIT FVP after receiving his BA in English from St. Mary’s University. Finally had the chance to pursue his life-long dream of training for the film industry. He took mostly management jobs, plus boom microphone experience to fall back on. Sleepless marks his writing and directing debut.

Sleepless - Director, Writer

Me & The Machine - Co-Producer

Cold Feet - Production Manager, Location Manager

Breathe - Production Manager, Boom Operator

Hands of Time - Production Manager

The Last Lonely Boy - Location Manager

A Brief Introduction - Writer, Talent

Beard Wigs - First Assistant Director

Human Nature - Script Supervisor

Jacob Henderson

I didn't read a single one of Jessie's emails.

Carti-air – Gaffer

Beard Wigs – Rerecording Mixer

Human Nature – Location Sound Mixer, First Assistant Editor

Sleepless – First Assistant Editor

The Last Lonely Boy – First Assistant Editor

Me & The Machine – First Assistant Editor


"I didn't go to the moon— I went much further."
- Tennessee Williams.
For my mother, Jennifer Hyggen, who fed my love of film, and my grandmothers; Dodie Hyggen-Nelson and Gloria Baker, who taught me the value of stories.

Website Designer & Developer

Human Nature – Director, Writer

Sleepless – Production Manager

Hands of Time – Editor

A Brief Introduction - Editor, Production Designer, Talent

Breathe – Second Assistant Director, Casting Coordinator, Story Editor

Me + The Machine – Sound Editor

The Last Lonely Boy – Script Supervisor

Beard Wigs – Script Supervisor, Sound Editor

Denver Johnson

"He who jumps into the void owes no explanation to those who stand and watch.”
- Jean-Luc Godard.
Hoping to win an Oscar purely by playing with my hair.

Me & The Machine – Director

Human Nature - Co-Producer

Intro Video - First Assistant Director

Sleepless – Casting Coordinator

Beard Wigs – Second Assistant Camera

Hands of Time – Boom Operator


Treton Karlsen

For a guy who wants to be a writer, he sure did do virtually everything else instead.

Cold Feet – Producer

Sleepless – Director of Photography

Breathe BTS – Co-Editor, Co-Assistant Editor, Story Editor

Hands of Time – Location Manager

Human Nature – Story Editor, Camera Operator

Breathe - Story Editor

Carti-air – Second Assistant Camera

Your resident 'Transformers' know-it-all. But more importantly, Eric is completely dedicated to making the best possible project, no matter what. Sometimes that means rebuilding it from the ground up.

Breathe BTS – Director, Writer, Talent

The Last Lonely Boy – Director of Photography

Human Nature – Co-Editor, Additional Colourist, B-Cam First Assistant Camera

Breathe – Editor

Promo Trailer – Editor

Outro Video – Editor

Cold Feet – Colourist, Second Assistant Camera

Carti-air – First Assistant Camera

Sleepless – Best Boy, Additional Camera Operator


Zachary LeDuke

Zachary LeDuke once yawned so hard that he dislocated his jaw. That's not actually true. What is true is that he is a professional video editor and full-time Kiefer Sutherland enthusiast. Also, he dislocated it 5 times.

Me & The Machine – Editor

Human Nature – Co-Editor, Boom Operator

Hands of Time – Colourist, Best Boy

Beard Wigs – First Assistant Camera, First Assistant Editor

Cold Feet – First Assistant Editor

Sleepless – Boom Operator

Jody Lund

Jody has had many poignant life experiences. Finishing the FVP program is definitely one of them. His biggest achievements are overcoming his fear of public speaking and having one of his scripts made into a film.    
After graduation Jody plans to grow his skills as a filmmaker and storyteller by collaborating with other emerging artists.

Breathe – Director, Writer

Sleepless – First Assistant Camera

Human Nature – Second Assistant Camera

A Brief Introduction - Second Assistant Camera

Cold Feet – Key Grip


Emily Kiara

"You Never Learn Anything by Doing Nothing". A motto I have followed for the majority of my life. By living by this motto I have been able to try new things and have amazing experiences that led me to taking the Film and Video Program at SAIT. I will continue to follow this motto, and see where else it might take me on my journey.

Carti-Air – Director

The Last Lonely Boy – First Assistant Director

Breathe – Script Supervisor

Sleepless – Script Supervisor

Human Nature  – First Assistant Camera

Hands of Time – First Assistant Camera

A Brief Introduction - First Assistant Camera

I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but I like cameras.

Human Nature – Director of Photography

Breathe – Director of Photography, Colourist, Visual Effects

The Last Lonely Boy  – Key Grip, Colourist

Cold Feet  – Gaffer

Sleepless – Second Assistant Camera, Additional Colourist

Hands of Time – Sound Editor, Best Boy

Beard Wigs – Key Grip, Additional Colourist

Carti-Air  – Sound Editor


I guess I like being on set as part of the camera team. Not as much as Jeremy though. He really likes cameras.

Carti-Air  – Producer

Breathe BTS  – Director of Photography

Human Nature – Key Grip

Sleepless – Gaffer

Hands of Time – Second Assistant Camera

The Last Lonely Boy  – Second Assistant Camera

Nicolas Neyrinck

I lift a lot and I'm a biter.

Carti-Air  – Director of Photography

Human Nature  – Co-Producer

Breathe – Key Grip

Sleepless – Key Grip

Hands of Time – Key Grip

Cold Feet  – Best Boy

The Last Lonely Boy  – Grip

A Brief Introduction - Grip


Rachel Occleston

Rachel once saved her family from a raging kitchen fire. Still not impressed? She also knows all the words to Crocodile Rock. If that's not powerful, I don't know what is.

Beard Wigs – Editor

Breathe BTS – Co-Editor, Co-Assistant Editor, Colourist

Sleepless – Grip/LX Swing, Music Editor

Carti-Air – Colourist, Grip/LX Swing, Boom Operator

Human Nature – Grip/LX Swing, Set Construction

Selina Pinter

I built half a space ship... Josh built the other half. I think I’m going to take a nap now.

The Last Lonely Boy – Director

Hands of Time – Director of Photography

Human Nature – Art Director

A Brief Introduction - Art Director

Sleepless – Production Designer

Beard Wigs – Production Designer

Breathe – Second Assistant Camera

Cold Feet – Grip/LX Swing


Bojan Pribilic

Today was a good day.

Hands of Time – Co-Producer

Human Nature – First Assistant Director, Colourist

Breathe – First Assistant Director, Colourist, VFX

Sleepless – Colourist

The Last Lonely Boy – Gaffer

Beard Wigs – Best Boy, Location Sound Mixer

Daniel Rubert

I am constantly bending the laws of space and time. Oh, and I love to edit as well.

Sleepless – Editor, VFX, Location Manager

Cold Feet  – Director of Photography

The Last Lonely Boy – Co-Editor, VFX

Human Nature – Colourist, First Assistant Editor

Beard Wigs – Colourist

Breathe – First Assistant Camera

Carti-Air – Best Boy Electrics, First Assistant Editor


Conor Samphire

A writer just doing his best to become a more well-rounded individual on-set and off because a storyteller who knows what goes into bringing that story to life will always be able to write to production better than the one sitting in his room alone. I miss my room sometimes still.‬

Hands of Time – Director, Co-Producer

A Brief Introduction - Director

Breathe BTS – Producer

Me & The Machine – Director of Photography

Beard Wigs – Director of Photography

The Last Lonely Boy – Production Designer

Sleepless – First Assistant Director

Human Nature – Location Manager, Sound Editor

Cold Feet – Script Supervisor, Story Editor

Responsible for Sasquatch sightings across Washington State, J⁠oshua made his way to Canada to start a new life in the film biz. Now he roams the Prairies in search of opportunities⁠—both on set and off⁠— and he looks forward to working with you.

Website SEO Manager

Me & The Machine – Writer, Producer

Beard Wigs – Director

Human Nature – Production Designer, Head Carpenter

Cold Feet – Editor, First Assistant Camera

The Last Lonely Boy – Co-Editor, Visual Effects

Sleepless – Sound Editor

A Brief Introduction - Gaffer


Megan Wou

Not to threaten you, but I wear long sundresses and frolick through grassy fields now.

Beard Wigs – Producer

Breathe – Location Manager, Story Editor

Sleepless – Art Director

Cold Feet – Casting Coordinator, Boom Operator

Hands of Time – Art Director

Human Nature – Best Boy

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